The 52 Lists Project

I’ve come across a series of weekly journals by the author Moorea Seal, and can I just say I am IN LOVE.

I’ve never been much of a journaler – Something about the vulnerability of my thoughts being on paper prevents me from it. I’m more of a words and short phrases kind of gal. This is why calligraphy is so appealing to me. I’ve found that list-making satisfies both my longing to journal and my anxiety to not journal. Each week, you will be prompted to create a list. Whether it be a  list of things that make you happy, a list of your daily routine, or a list of your favorite movie characters, each list will allow you to reflect on the positive things in your life. Moorea Seal encourages happiness, balance, and self-development, and I fully believe these journals will provide you with that. Think of these journals as creating a to-do list for your happiness.

Book 1: The 52 Lists Project

This is Moorea Seals’ first ‘Lists’ Journal. These lists will help you feel the beauty, joy, creativity, and power you already have.

Get your own copy of the book by clicking here – plus, look at my furball. Isn’t she adorable??? I couldn’t resist this photo.

To help you understand WHY you should make this purchase, I’d like to provide you with a real-life example: mine. Upon receiving these books, I made a vow to myself to put all of my effort into my lists. I lit a candle, snuggled up with Ricky (my cat), and dreamed up my list. I then used calligraphy to make my list come to life. I had such a fun afternoon drawing and creating. Here is my finished product:


My personal favorite is ‘be inspired’ and ‘be inspiring.’ Comment below what would be the highest on your list!

Book 2: The 52 Lists for Happiness

The 52 Lists for Happiness journal is very similar to the first journal in the series, but it focuses in on happiness, joy, and balance. It prompts journalers to reflect on their lists and provides tips on how each listed item can ultimately develop happiness. I honestly couldn’t decide between the two books because they both seemed (and ARE) so necessary to create a positive lifestyle. So I BOUGHT BOTH!

Get your own copy of the book by clicking here. For inspiration, check out my list below! 

My happy list was truly never-ending. I could have written forever. My favorites are being in love, singing, being an aunt, quality time with hubby, cat snuggles, birthdays, and the Target dollar aisle! Comment your favorite sources of happiness!

Book 3 – TBD???

Moorea Seal recently announced she is working on a third book for her series!!! I can hardly wait to test this one out!

Artwork features:

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Happy listing! 

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