12 Times Cats Brought Us More Happiness Than Anything

Those of you who know me could have guessed my 5th blog post ever was going to be about cats. But in all fairness, this is a blog about happiness, and cats bring me a lot of happiness. And since you clicked on this link, I’ll assume you feel the same.

So without further ado, here are the top 12 times cats brought us more happiness than anything else:

1.  When your cat hugs your leg because they missed you all day  – A big majority of the attention I get when I come home from work is from my cat, not my husband. Not because he doesn’t try, but because she tries harder.

2.  When you buy a new toy for your cat and they love it more than anything (besides you, of course) – Nailed it!! Your cat loves the toy and now you don’t have to put it in the basket of toys that never gets played with. Some day we’ll get around to emptying that basket…

3.  When your cat wiggles their rear before pouncing – Speaking of toys, I’m not sure if cats do that little move to prepare their legs for the jump or to scare the toy with its cuteness. Either way, the cat usually wins the battle, unless it accidentally runs past the toy and then forgets about it (I’ve definitely witnessed my cat do this more than once).

4.  When they get under the covers with you – “Look, she wants to cuddle with me…or maybe she’s cold. We should turn the heat up for her. Wait, no. I want her to keep cuddling. Turn the heat back down.”

5.  When your cat starts to bite you, realizes what they’re doing, and then licks you instead – Honestly, those rare cat licks are what keep me going.

6.  When you close the door on your cat and it spends the next hour determined to squeeze through the door crack – I can just picture those little paws fighting their way under the door. They’re so certain they’ll make something happen. They never do, and that’s what’s so cute.

7.  When they let you cradle them – These moments are insanely bittersweet and usually only last about 15 seconds, so enjoy them while you have them! 

8.  When you’re watching your favorite movie and your cat is watching the screen too – I’m going to set the scene for you on this one: Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone. Professor McGonagall, cat form. My cat, Ricky, also cat form. Ricky staring at McGonagall. My heart exploding with joy.

9.  When you learn that cats rub their faces on you to both pick up your scent and to leave their scent on you – I recently learned this little fact about cats and it’s the happiest I’ve ever been. Cats literally love you so much that they want you to smell like them and they want to smell like you. Heart officially melted. 

10.  When you’re lying on your stomach hoping they’ll jump on your back and they do – Bonus happiness points if they give you a little kneaded massage. 

11.  When your cat does something cute and someone is there to witness it – My cat had kittens three years ago, and at two in the morning I live-tweeted the whole event on Twitter. It’s the most alive I’ve ever felt. 

12.  When your cat lets you hold their paw – No other form of affection could be more endearing than your cat reaching their paw out to touch you. 

Does your cat do something so adorably cute you can’t stand it?? Comment below for everyone to read!!

It’s the 21st century – embrace your inner-cat lady/gentleman.

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