FabFitFun – Fall 2018 Box

Hey there, loves! 

Today I received my FabFitFun Fall 2018 box and it’s a good one!

This is my fourth FabFitFun box and I’ve loved every box so far! There are always a few thing that I don’t necessarily care for, but always wayyy more items that I love and use all the time that make the cost of the box worth it!

Here is the full fall box spread:

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Jean Jacket Envy

Jean jackets are easily my FAVE staple piece.

They’re cute, simple, and easy to add on to any outfit. Here in the midwest, we can see all types of weather within one 24 hour period (seriously, it could snow one day and then be 75 the next day), so you never really know how to dress during these transitional months.  I went to an outdoor theater show last night (Chicago!! so good!!) and the night started at 90 and got down to about 68 by the end of the show, so maroon shorts with a jean jacket on the side was perfect!

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Early Fall Night Out

Hello beautiful! Happy Sunday!

Last night we celebrated Josh’s birthday with some of our friends. Josh got to choose dinner, so we went to the best bbq restaurant in Kansas City, Q39! Seriously, the place was so busy that the only open reservation was at 4pm.

I was brave enough to wear white pants to a bbq restaurant. I layered 2 napkins on my lap for good measure, and we made it out alive! Afterwards we played a bunch of games and spent the evening with friends!

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My Fave Fall Mules

Confession time:

Lately I have been loving the slip on mules trend for many reasons.

1. They give a cute twist to the modern flat.
2. They’re simple but classic. I have always loved the pointed toe look, so when pointed-toe mules came in style, I was super excited to get some! The pointed toe will never go out of style in my mind!
3. Last but not least, I love them because I can slip them on and off easily at work. Nothing is worse than a partner coming to your desk while you’re in leopard print slippers and you can’t do anything about it because your shoes would have to be laced up!

These two pairs have been my fave this fall, for both looks AND comfort!

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Comfy Business Casual

Hey lovelies!

I have been soooo busy this week both on my blog/Instagram and at my full-time job! I have a couple of clients with tax returns due next week, so I’ve been busy busy busy! The one thing that has kept me going is all the love and support I’ve already gotten from all of you, and I’m so glad I have found this outlet for myself! The fashion world has such a beautiful community.

Because I’m working so many hours this week, I’ve tried to find outfits that are both cute AND comfy! Today, I feel like I nailed it!

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Fall Florals

Some of my favorite pieces in my closet are the ones that can be worn in literally any season. This top is one of them. Spring and Summer are perfect seasons for florals, but the toned down colors of this blouse make it perfect for Fall and Winter too – just throw a black or gray cardigan on over it and voila! (Saying this because I’m sure you’ll see me posting this exact outfit in the future)

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Fave Fall Trends – Leopard and Stripes

I am loooooving the stripes and leopard print combo this fall! Loft seriously makes the best 3 quarter sleeve dresses! These dresses are the perfect transitional pieces into the fall and winter! This dress is from a past season, but I’ve linked some similar dresses below. Plus, be sure to check out Loft’s dresses this fall! You will not be disappointed 🙂

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The Perfect T-Swift Concert Outfit

Can I just say….Taylor Swift is one of my favorite human beings on the planet. Anyone with me??

I bought tickets to her concert the day they came on sale (8 months ago!!!) and started searching for an outfit. A few concert outfit tips for you:

  1. Always search the artist’s Instagram and Twitter to see what kinds of outfits they typically wear for their concerts. For Taylor’s, most of her outfits were black, so I knew I wanted to wear black.
  2. Accommodate for both the venue layout (indoor/outdoor, casual/formal) and outside temp.  This concert took place at the Kansas City Chiefs football stadium in mid-September. Because September weather is pretty unpredictable, I wore a thin outfit and brought a few extra layers in case it got chilly out. Being at a football stadium, I opted to wear a romper instead of a skirt to be a little less formal.

Unfortunately, the little black romper I chose was from a past season, but I’ll be linking a few alternatives below! Let me know what you think!!

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