The 52 Lists Project

I’ve come across a series of weekly journals by the author Moorea Seal, and can I just say I am IN LOVE.

I’ve never been much of a journaler – Something about the vulnerability of my thoughts being on paper prevents me from it. I’m more of a words and short phrases kind of gal. This is why calligraphy is so appealing to me. I’ve found that list-making satisfies both my longing to journal and my anxiety to not journal. Each week, you will be prompted to create a list. Whether it be a  list of things that make you happy, a list of your daily routine, or a list of your favorite movie characters, each list will allow you to reflect on the positive things in your life. Moorea Seal encourages happiness, balance, and self-development, and I fully believe these journals will provide you with that. Think of these journals as creating a to-do list for your happiness.

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